[Buildbot-devel] 0.8.9p1 release (for Debian)

W. Martin Borgert debacle at debian.org
Sun Oct 26 22:42:13 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-26 01:11, Andrii Senkovych wrote:
> My deadline is over and all that was left for me is to ask my sponsor
> to push updated packages of the 0.8.9 to Debian Archive.

Don't worry!

First: I think, that the current Buildbot 0.8.9 is already a
very good version for the next Debian stable release.

Second: If some people depend on bug fixes or new features,
there will be jessie-backports.

Third: Important bug fixes can be incorporated even in a stable
Debian distribution, of course.

Many thanks for your work on the Buildbot Debian package, my
colleagues and I use it daily at work! We made our own backport
for wheezy, which was almost no work at all.

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