[Buildbot-devel] Issue customizing webstatus templates

sergio borghese sergio.borghese at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 14:25:24 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I'm trying customizing the webstatus templates for my buildbot 0.8.8
(master) installation
According to the documentation:

*Buildbot uses a templating system for the web interface. The source of
these templates can be found in the status/web/templates/ directory in
buildbot's library area. You can override these templates by creating
alternate versions in a templates/ directory within the buildmaster's base
directory. *

Here what I did:
- copied all html templates from my buildbot installation folder
(/usr/lib64/.../status/web/templates) into the folder templates (folder was
already there, and it contains a README file that seems to confirm what the
documentation states) I found inside my buildmaster root
- changed the root.html templates

Unfortunately I cannot see any changes in the webstatus page
have I done something wrong?


preferisco ammazzare il tempo,
preferisco sparare cazzate,
preferisco fare esplodere una moda,
preferisco morire d'amore.
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