[Buildbot-devel] GitHubStatus for Enterprise Users (2 problems)

Aran Deltac bluefeet at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 15:00:11 UTC 2014

Hey all,

I was on the IRC channel a few minutes ago and sa2ajj was being very
helpful in figuring out how to integrate the results of buildbot builds
with my existing release processes.

I'd really like to use the GitHubStatus status target to query the results
of builds for a particular Git revision.  This looks like it will work
perfectly, except with two large caveats:


I'm using GitHub Enterprise, so my API URL is not https://api.github.com,
and neither txgithub or GitHubStatus support the ability to configure the

I've opened a ticket for txgithub to solve this on their side:

It should be a simple change, if I don't hear back I'll probably just make
a pull request with the necessary changes.

As for the GitHubStatus status target in buildbot I believe that would be a
simple change to allow the user to optionally configure the API URL.  I'm
not sure what I should do for this one as far as opening a ticket, or even
submitting a patch (I'm a Perl developer, but I'm able to monkey together
some Python if needed).


The GitHub status API supports a "context" field so that when you query the
combined status it returns "failure" if any of the contexts have a failed
status.  So, in buildbot terminology a "context" is a "builder".  I think
GitHubStatus needs to be modified so that the context field is
configurable, and defaults to using the builder name.


I'm also concerned that even if we/I get GitHubStatus fixed up that it will
not be released because (correct me if I'm wrong) I got the impression that
people are trying to keep there focus on NINE and may not be open to
releasing another 0.8.x version (I'm on 0.8.9 now).

Anyways, any thoughts on what course of action I should take would be
appreciated.  I could just hack the code all on my end, but I'd rather this
stuff fixed for others who use these tools.


Side Note: On the IRC chat we discussed how GitHubStatus does not handle
summary results of buildsets, while GerritStatusPush does.  This was being
considered a deficiency in GitHubStatus.  It turns out it is not a
deficiency as the GitHub status API provides the ability to summarize the
statuses by context.
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