[Buildbot-devel] question about timeout between master and slave

Stefan Schlauch stefan.schlauch at hella-gutmann.com
Tue Sep 17 10:08:42 UTC 2013


I have a question about the timeout function between master and slave. If i understand the documentation right, the standard-timeout is 20 minutes and the master will kill the step when the slave isn't answering within this time?
Since nearly two weeks I have a problem with a buildstep I can't really solve. There is a step which is executing many exe-files (selfmade from the coder-team) for doing different tasks and build data for the software. There was an update for one "data-builder" (exe-file) and since this time the step is always getting a timeout.
If I execute the "data-builder" on the command shell of the buildslave, I can see that some outputs take a very long time (some more then 20 minutes). Is this reason why the master is getting a timeout? Is the master "listening" on the standard output? Can we solve this timeout problem if we build in a "hello world" every 5 or 10 minutes, so the command shell is throwing out an output?

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