[Buildbot-devel] sqlalchemy putting several operations into transactions

Maria Marcano mariangemarcano at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 09:06:33 UTC 2013

where is the InnoDB fix?, is it already apply to nine branch (I'm seeing
for example buildrequests table with sa.String

is it something that could be apply also on version 0.8.x ? the
customizations I'm working are based on this version,

We're working toward a situation in nine where we can use InnoDB, by
> eliminating the use of unbounded-length strings in indexes.

> That said, it can be set on a per-table basis, so it's probably enough
> to set it on the tables which support -- most, I think -- it in the
> nine branch.  Do you want to make up a patch to do so, including a
> migration script?  The script would be a no-op on anything other than
> MySQL.
> Dustin

Yes once I've it working on version 0.8. I can submit a patch for nine as

Thanks Maria.
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