[Buildbot-devel] Scheduler/ChangeFilter codebase question

Mick Jordan mick.jordan at oracle.com
Fri Nov 15 04:00:29 UTC 2013

I've read the docs on ChangeFilter but I'm still confused as to exactly 
how they work. Certainly my Scheduler instance isn't reacting to a 
change pushed by hgbuildbot and then I'm getting a formatting error in 
the log.

It appears that changes from hgbuildbot have codebase='', vis:

2013-11-14 19:40:23-0800 [-] added change 
Change(revision=u'77d604d0519c24a7eb3e07e4257ab46228877d27', who=u'Mick 
Jordan <mick.jordan at oracle.com>', branch=u'default', comments=u'mod 
NEW_FILE', when=1384486823, category=None, project=u'', 
repository=u'http://myhost/hg/repo', codebase=u'') to database

the change-filter in my SingleBranchScheduler is now (it was initially 

     change_filter = ChangeFilter(codebase = ['']),


   codebases = {'repo' : {'repository' : http://myhost/hg/repo}}

The format error is:

2013-11-14 19:40:23-0800 [-] Invalid format string or unformattable 
object in log message: 'change contains codebase %(codebase)s that isnot 
processed by scheduler %(scheduler)s', {'name': 'repo-scheduler', 
'format': 'change contains codebase %(codebase)s that isnot processed by 
scheduler %(scheduler)s', 'system': '-', 'codebase': u'', 'time': 
1384486823.78577, 'message': (), 'isError': 0}

Insight much appreciated.

Mick Jordan

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