[Buildbot-devel] running behind a reverse proxy

Kent Reed kentallanreed at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 18:06:26 UTC 2013

Gentle persons:

I feel like I'm so close...

I have a buildbot master set up on an internal server with WebStatus
reporting on port 8010. Works great.

I now want to access the WebStatus server via reverse proxy from an Apache2
server (for testing purposes, this server is on the same host but it may
not be in production.)

I have enabled the proxy and proxy_http modules on the Apache2 server.

Using the ProxyPass directive in the Apache2 configuration, I forward
requests to different buildbot-web-resources ala

ProxyPass /<buildbot-web-resource1> <host-url>:8010/<buildbot-web-resource1>
ProxyPass /<buildbot-web-resourceN> <host-url>:8010/<buildbot-web-resourceN>

Life is good. Requests pass forward and responses pass back and all my
Buildbot web pages are now visible and usable from the public side of the
Apache2 server.


the "Home" link on every Buildbot page returns me to the home page on the
Apache2 server instead of on the WebStatus server.

I've looked at the code in buildbot/status/web and vaguely understand how
the path_to_root is constructed but I'm missing something because the
various changes I've tried in base.py and templates/root.html (and
compensating changes in the reverse proxy) have failed one way or another.

In particular, I have the feeling I should map the whole BuildBot WebStatus
server to its own path on the Apache2 server so that, for example,
<apache2 URL>/buildbot is the home page, <apache2-URL>/buildbot/waterfall
is the waterfall display, etc., but I've failed to pull it off.

Could someone please give me a hint of what has to be done here? Searches
of the archive for this list have turned up only two threads, both of which
failed to trigger an 'aha' moment.

Thanks in advance,
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