[Buildbot-devel] Dependent scheduler for few upstreams

Anton Sibilev anton.sibilev at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 17:18:38 UTC 2013

Thank you for reply!
The problem of such 'controller' Trigger is that you can loose one of
builder(actually slave) and such Trigger will wait it.
And block other possible build.

Situation is much better with Dependent - no problem to loose or overload
one builder(slave), it will block nothing.
But here I've mentioned another problem, that Dependent runs sometimes
before all builds finished. I think it's connected with 'mergeRequests'
property. Have not understand yet..

Anyway I've made combination of 'controller' Trigger and Dependent and
monitoring how it works..

2013/10/31 Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin at v.igoro.us>

> Dependent is a bit tricky to use, because it has no way to wait until
> "all" builds meeting some criterion are finished.
> The better technique at the moment is to use a Trigger with
> waitForFinish=True to run the test jobs, with the next step Triggering
> the dependent jobs.  The downside of this technique is that it ties up
> a slave, but you can work around this by using a "controlling build"
> which *only* triggers - first trigger the build, then trigger the
> tests, then trigger the dependents, each with waitForFinish=True.
> Allow that builder to run on any of your slaves (since it never really
> uses slave resources), and you should have enough parallelism.  It's
> not ideal, but it's the current best practice.
> Dustin
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