[Buildbot-devel] Github pull request

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Fri Jun 14 03:49:14 UTC 2013

There's been some discussion of the topic, but no direct
implementation that I know of.

The closest has been Adi Roban's
`master/buildbot/status/github_status.py`, which posts status from a
build to a GitHub commit.  However, it isn't triggered from a pull
request, and doesn't attach status to pull requests.

There's some security risk around building arbitrary pull requests -
anyone can file a build request, after all, with whatever kind of
abusive code they'd like to run on your slaves.  Most solutions in
place now, e.g,. Travis-CI, are using virtualization as a security
mechanism - presumably Docker could fit that bill, too.  There are a
few approaches to being more secure, too - the simplest being a
whitelist of users whose pulls would be built.  That puts the
responsibility of authentication on GitHub, but that's probably
acceptable for most users.

I think this would be an *awesome* addition to Buildbot.


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