[Buildbot-devel] Github pull request

Daniel Mizyrycki mdaniel at glidelink.net
Thu Jun 13 21:49:28 UTC 2013

Wonder if it is a way to easily search in this mailing list archives.
Anyway, github has a nice interface (webhooks) that notifies a URL 
(buildbot) when a commit has been made to a repo. Using this 
functionality it is easy to ensure tests do pass, and buildbot can 
inform through email or IRC bot when not.
Now, github also offers a really useful API to notify when a pull 
request is being submitted and mark those pull request with the exit 
status of an external build system like buildbot. Why this matters? 
Because it tremendously helps the workflow of open source project 
maintainers, and as a consequence significantly improves the quality of 
the code and the project.
I was playing with buildbot/status/web/hooks/github.py and it looks 
like if we do some changes there, we can make buildbot 'aware' of github 
pull request events. I bet I am not the first one to think in adding 
this functionality.
Any thoughts, design decisions, work in progress regarding this?


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