[Buildbot-devel] graceful shutdown of ChangeSource sevices

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Fri Jun 7 02:50:44 UTC 2013

I was thinking of different work of Jared's, which is only on the nine branch.

I think what fixed the failure to call stopService was

commit dc3b3356d1400b8ab84a5e1e4abee55c3e67d408
Author: Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin at mozilla.com>
Date:   Sun Nov 4 11:30:25 2012 -0500

    Test full-fledged master startup and shutdown.

    This tests that the master basically works, and that the shutdown
    process stops any outstanding timers, etc.  By running the master twice,
    it also ensures that any stopService state cleanup occurs.

    It turns out there were a few places where listeners were not being
    released properly, deferreds not handled, etc.; fixes for those are
    included here.

    This also adds __repr__'s to pbmanager.py; they were useful in debugging
    and don't hurt!

As for poll not getting called -- my only guesses are that either
you're not waiting long enough (IIRC the first poll does not occur
immediately), or something's interfering with the startService
execution in PollingChangeSource.


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