[Buildbot-devel] Trouble wiring up a web hook change source.

Benjamin Andre bandre at lbl.gov
Tue Jun 4 21:37:09 UTC 2013

I'm having the same problem described here. I have a minimal change
filter that works fine for a PBChangeSource with 0.8.7p1, but fails to
trigger a build with the WebStatus commit hook with git master. Has
anyone seen a solution to this?



[Buildbot-devel] Trouble wiring up a web hook change source.
From: Kenneth Baltrinic <kenneth at ba...> - 2013-05-04 05:57

I am new to BuildBot but I have it up and running and successfully building
and deploying code from a BitBucktet Repo.  Presently I am using the
GitPoller to trigger builds but want to use a web hook.  It seems I am
close to having this working but not quite.  So far i have

1) configured BitBuckets POST service (See
2) downloaded and installed the bitbucket.py web hook from this pull
request: https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/643
3) reconfigured myWebStatus like so:

    change_hook_dialects={ 'bitbucket' : True }))

But is seems to me that there ought to be one more step, i.e. setting up a
change-source to connect the received notifications with the appropriate
schedulers.  I cannot find any docs on how to do this.

My testing seems to confirm that such a step is missing.  When I push to my
repo, I immediately see the following in my twisted.log, but it never kicks
off a build... Any ideas?

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