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Fri Jul 12 10:17:03 UTC 2013


 I am currently having some problems getting a buildbot environment up
and running. I'm fairly new to buildbot so I suspect I have
misunderstood the documentation, and/or have some configuration
errors. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

 I am building a project from components in separate git repositories,
and I would like to be able to manually trigger a build, specifying
the branch or revision for each repository. The documentation and
posts I've read suggest I should be able to do this with a
ForceScheduler and codebase definitions for each repository. 

However when I force a build via the waterfall web-page the build
fails in the first build step with:

	No sourcestamp found in build for codebase ''

The important configuration details from master.cfg:
 From an earlier post I read on this list I defined a

 all_repositories = {
     r'git at github.com/MyProject/MyRepo1.git': 'Repo1Codebase',
     r'git at github.com/MyProject/MyRepo2.git': 'Repo2Codebase',

 def codebaseGenerator(chdict):
     return all_repositories[chdict['repository']]

 c['codebaseGenerator'] = codebaseGenerator

 From the same post the ForceScheduler was defined as:

 forceScheduler = ForceScheduler(

 The build factory and associated steps:

 buildFactory = BuildFactory()
 buildFactory.addStep(Git(repourl='git at github.com:MyProject/MyRepo1.git',
mode='incremental', workdir="Repo1Dir"))
 .... other steps to build ....
 buildFactory.addStep(Git(repourl='git at github.com:MyProject/MyRepo2.git',
mode='incremental', workdir="Repo2Dir"))
 .... other steps to build etc......

 builderConfig = BuilderConfig(

 Configurations & versions:
 Buildmaster & buildslave (virtual machines): Ubuntu 12.04 LTS,
Buildbot: 0.8.7, Twistd:12.2.0

 Should this approach work? What am I doing wrong?

 Thanks and best regards,


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