[Buildbot-devel] buildbot as Windows service over msys shell

Fabrizio Buratta fabrizio at moldiscovery.com
Thu Jul 4 12:16:08 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 2:26 AM, Jim Rowan <jmr at computing.com> wrote:

> msys doesn't provide a python port, so there isn't any "buildbot on msys"
> option.
> The official guide takes you down the first path.  If you want to run msys
> commands (such as 'cat'), you can just use them -- make sure that they're
> in the %PATH% and they'll work, since they're native windows binaries.  You
> may need to be aware when you're coding the buildsteps that it's cmd that
> is processing them.
> Does that help?

putting msys/bin to the PATH works with executables but my problem is
different. I'm using CVS with an ssh tunnel and I need to read .ssh/config
file with some options for SSH client to connect to my server.  At the
moment i've got it working by setting the env variable HOME and putting
.ssh directory in %HOME% ...  however I'm not sure this would be ok for my
builds on msys. The best scenario would be if I can just configure msys to
work with my builds ( also manual builds ) and just run the buildslave
without any alternative setup for it. I'll let keep you updated.

Fabrizio Buratta
Molecular Discovery Ltd.
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