[Buildbot-devel] Running Pylint on Buildbot's source code

Elmir Jagudin elmir.jagudin at axis.com
Wed Jul 3 05:27:28 UTC 2013

On 07/01/2013 02:15 PM, Elmir Jagudin wrote:
> I think the first step is to decide which currently reported error we 
> don't care about and which we want to eventually fix. What is the 
> state of 'common/pylintrc' in buildbot's source tree? Should we use it 
> as a starting point, or is better to start over?

I compiled a list of all pylint messages for buildbot code:


I created it by running pylint (0.28.0) with default settings on both 
master and nine branches.

We need to divide that list into two buckets 'don't care' and 'to fix'.

I should mention the 'C0103: invalid-name' message. By default pylint 
enforces the PEP8 naming conventions. Buildbot have a bit different 
naming convention. It should be possible to configure pylint to enforce 
this convention: 
https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/716/files#L0R15. I expect 
number of C0103 to drop, once that is done.

So, any opinions on errors we should just ignore? Alternatively that 
would be nice to fix?

For reference, here are the original pylint reports:

  master - http://kbots.se/bbot/master-pylint-rapport
  nine - http://kbots.se/bbot/nine-pylint-rapport


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