[Buildbot-devel] messageFormatter to grab logs from the waterfall page, and how to add on the waterfall page a link to a zip file on the slave.

shiny knight theshinyknight at me.com
Mon Feb 11 00:22:43 UTC 2013

Hi group

I have a builder that makes a log (called finalLog), which is added to the step that runs a process on the waterfall page (which I call "Results").

I run this procedure in various steps, so I may have 3-4 steps in the same builder, which may have this log. I am adding the logs using createSummary() and adding the logs to the waterfall page in this way;

Self.addCompleteLog('Results', "\n".join(finalLogs))

in each of the steps that requires a "results" log.

Now I would like to make a messageFormatter that will just grab all the logs (if any), and send them to a group. I've checked the example for the mail notifier, and tried it, but somehow it seems that it grabs only the latest step log.

So for example, if I have 6 steps and step 1 and 4 fails, I will get only the logs from step 4. Not sure if I implemented it wrong or not, but I am trying to resolve the problem writing my own.

Is there any snippet that shows how to grab specific logs from specific steps? I see in the example that to read logs you use

for log in reversed(logs)
	if log.getName ()=="stdio":

this will grab the last failure only. While I am looking for the correct syntax to do a for loop that will check all the logs and if any step has a "Results" log, I would like to grab it and append it in the messageFormatter.

The manual seems to have no list of all the various parameters that the messageFormatter uses, so I hope that someone here may help me.

I am also trying to add on the waterfall, in a step, a link to a zip file (which is the result of the operation of that step), but I cannot find the syntax to do so...I know how to append logs (addCompleteLog() ) but I see no example that show how to do the same but with a file.

Thanks in advance for any help
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