[Buildbot-devel] Discussion of the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with Conservancy

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at sfconservancy.org
Fri Apr 12 15:53:50 UTC 2013

Dustin Mitchell wrote at 22:08 (EDT) on Thursday:
> The main thing we need to know ASAP, then, is if anyone out there in
> the Buildbot community who feels they cannot sign the agreement.
> Please get in touch soon - either on-list or privately - so we can try
> to work things out or (hopefully not!) call off the party.

One clarification point here: I think we want to know if *anyone* in the
BuildBot community *objects* to BuildBot's primary contributors signing
the FSA, and whether any of the primary contributors don't want to sign
the FSA.

I make this clarification because we don't actually need everyone
involved with BuildBot in minor ways to sign, but we do want to hear if
they have objections to BuildBot joining Conservancy.  We don't want to
inconvenience people who, say, have submitted only a patch or two, to
have to sign some document that otherwise won't impact them, but we do
still want to hear from them if they think the document is objectionable
in some way. :)

> That sounds like a good plan.  Revising my earlier actions, then:
>  * Start a thread asking for nominations for the PLC
>  * Draft the agreement based on the LaTeX document in the OP

Sounds fine.

> As far as signatures, when the time comes I will make a good effort to
> contact everyone who's been involved with the project - basically the
> git shortlog, posters to the mailing list, and everyone in
> MAINTAINERS.txt.  Your email seemed to distinguish "signatures" and
> "email 'ok'".  What form do the signatures need to take, then?

As mentioned above, I think we need "real" pen-to-paper signatures from
people who have been major contributors or otherwise heavily involved as
volunteers in some other way to BuildBot's community.  It's fuzzy to say
who is a major contributor -- use your judgment in building the list,
and err slightly on the side of being a bit over-inclusive.

In general, anyone who *wants* to be a signatory can be; we just don't
want to demand people to put pen-to-paper who don't want to be bothered
and aren't actually heavily involved with BuildBot on a regular basis.
Bradley M. Kuhn, Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy

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