[Buildbot-devel] Fw: Intermittent Connection.Lost error with Windows slaves

Dmitry Mikhin dmitry.mikhin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 03:49:20 UTC 2012

OK, I'm not a guru here by any means, but getting ready to go. Could
you please confirm that what I'm doing makes sense:

Windows slave is run manually (non-latent), communicates with the
master directly, w/o ssh tunnel. Settings in buildbot.tac:

buildmaster_host =
port = 9989

The master IPs are for the main adapter and
for the virbr0, the master side of the VBox connection. The checkout
step is commented out to minimize the dump size (source checked out
manually beforehand).

I installed winpcap driver and windump and run (from MSYS shell):

/c/Program Files/WinDump.exe -w slave_dump.bin tcp

On the master side, run

tcpdump -vvs 1514 -w master_dump.bin port 9989

The build starts properly, the slave dump fills in, yet I end up with
an empty master dump. Apparently something is wrong in the above
tcpdump command. Can anyone initiated clarify the problem?


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