[Buildbot-devel] Fw: Intermittent Connection.Lost error with Windows slaves

Dmitry Mikhin dmitry.mikhin at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 22:45:45 UTC 2012

Hi Dustin,

In my experience, it gets less stable without the tunnel. I'll change
configuration for the next cycle and try to gather the dumps. Will
keep you posted.

> The best debugging information here would be a tcpdump (on windows,
> wireshark) capture on *both* sides of the connection - on the slave
> (outside of the tunnel) and on the master.  It sounds like you'd need
> to capture quite a bit of data, but only the last bit would really be
> relevant.
> What you want to find out is what is causing the connection to be
> lost?  Is it a TCP problem, or is the PB protocol falling out of sync
> somehow?
> Dustin


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