[Buildbot-devel] [ANN] Buildbot-0.8.6p1 released

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Mon Mar 26 01:14:09 UTC 2012

Buildbot-0.8.6p1 has just been released.  *Many* thanks to Tom Prince
for just about all of the fixes that make up this release.

Full release notes are here:

but the highlights are:
*   Builders are no longer displayed in the order they were
configured. This was never intended behavior, and will become
impossible in the distributed architecture planned for Buildbot-0.9.x.
As of 0.8.6p1, builders are sorted naturally: lexically, but with
numeric segments sorted numerically.
*   Slave properties in the configuration are now handled correctly.
*   The web interface buttons to cancel individual builds now appear
when configured.
*   The ForceScheduler's properties are correctly updated on reconfig
- bug #2248.
*   If a slave is lost while waiting for locks, it is properly cleaned
up - bug #2247.
*   Crashes when adding new steps to a factory in a reconfig are fixed
- bug #2252.
*   MailNotifier AttributeErrors are fixed - bug #2254.
*   Cleanup from failed builds is improved - bug #2253.

MD5 sums:

b6727d2810c692062c657492bcbeac6a  buildbot-0.8.6p1.tar.gz
0692bf27eb54ef4ba9bae6651a4d5699  buildbot-slave-0.8.6p1.tar.gz
e284f82b1444c07282703f2db5c75efd  buildbot-0.8.6p1.zip
47854af381b5e6bf3b8261a91c7be380  buildbot-slave-0.8.6p1.zip

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