[Buildbot-devel] RPM building

Philippe McLean philippe.mclean at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 16:07:59 UTC 2012

If your makefile already has a rule for running rpmbuild, you could simply
write something like:

f.addStep(Compile(command="make all_name"))
f.addStep(Compile(command="make rpm"))

otherwise take a look in in the buildbot source in
buildbot/steps/package/rpm/rpmbuild.py to see how it builds the command, it
looks you would have to do something like:

f.addStep(RpmBuild(specifile="myspecfile.spec", workdir="directory
containing myspecfile.spec"))

Most of the other parameters are `pwd`.

I've used buildbot to build rpms, but I always take the first approach of
putting the building scripts in the build tree since it's faster and easier
to test and maintain, and simplifies branching.

Phil McLean

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 5:40 AM, Sarah Addis <saddis01 at qub.ac.uk> wrote:

> I am a new user of BuildBot 0.8.6 and also the system I am building RPMs
> for. Currently I am trying to build RPMs using the rpmbuild buildbot module
> and on successful build move the RPMs to the test repository.
> At the moment the only code I have relating to RPMs is:
> from buildbot.steps.package.rpm.rpmbuild import RpmBuild?
> f.addStep(Compile(command="NO_RPM=1 make all_name"))
> Note the NO_RPM=1 environment variable prevents the building of RPMs from
> the name2 scripts. This is to allow Buildbot to take over the RPM build
> process itself.
> I have also added the step below:
>  f.addStep(RpmBuild(RpmBuild(specfile-" ", dist = ' '))
> assuming I fill in the two parameters correctly will this code build the
> RPM's and move the RPM's to the correct repository or are any other
> parameters needed?
> I would appreciate any guidance. I sent this email earlier today without
> realising I had to sign up as a member, I have since subscribed.
> Kind Regards,
> Sarah
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