[Buildbot-devel] RPM building

Sarah Addis saddis01 at qub.ac.uk
Tue Jul 10 12:40:32 UTC 2012

I am a new user of BuildBot 0.8.6 and also the system I am building RPMs for. Currently I am trying to build RPMs using the rpmbuild buildbot module and on successful build move the RPMs to the test repository.

At the moment the only code I have relating to RPMs is:

from buildbot.steps.package.rpm.rpmbuild import RpmBuild?

f.addStep(Compile(command="NO_RPM=1 make all_name"))

Note the NO_RPM=1 environment variable prevents the building of RPMs from the name2 scripts. This is to allow Buildbot to take over the RPM build process itself.

I have also added the step below:

 f.addStep(RpmBuild(RpmBuild(specfile-" ", dist = ' '))

assuming I fill in the two parameters correctly will this code build the RPM's and move the RPM's to the correct repository or are any other parameters needed?

I would appreciate any guidance. I sent this email earlier today without realising I had to sign up as a member, I have since subscribed.

Kind Regards,

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