[Buildbot-devel] master.cfg with codebaseGenerator

David Hart dhart at opencog.org
Wed Dec 12 23:39:21 UTC 2012


I'm looking for examples of master.cfg with a codebaseGenerator
and codebases properties in schedulers & builders.

My config files are at https://github.com/githart/opencog-config-files -
master.cfg for the live config, and master-codebase.cfg for the updated
version that uses codebases.

I'm running into the classic problem that a checkin on one of two repos may
cause an invalid sourcestamp to be passed to the source.git.Git step,
leading to errors like this one:

I'm looking for the correct use of codebaseGenerator and codebases in
schedulers & builders to act as a filter so that each builder uses the
correct sourcestamp.


David Hart |  +852 9875 1345
OpenCog Foundation | http://opencog.org
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