[Buildbot-devel] [Buildbot] #2411: waterfall exception when using newer version of git source step with gerrit

Philippe McLean philippe.mclean at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 23:09:24 UTC 2012

I am using them in multiple places -- in one spot to set the description
for the Git update step so I can see which gerrit patch it is building.
Note that this excerpt relies on the older git implementation.

here is an excerpt:

def AddINDMABuildSteps(factory, branch, config, dbname, auditdb=None,
runUnitTests=False, runFlexUnitTests=False, ru\
nSysupgrade=False, mode="update"):

    desc = "update"

    if mode == "update":
        desc = WithProperties("gerrit patch <a href=\"%(event.change.url:-\">%(event.pat\
chSet.ref:-unknown ref)s</a> by %(event.uploader.username:-buildbot)s")
#        factory.addStep(Git(repourl=repourl, mode="incremental",
progress=True, description=desc, descriptionDone=d\

        desc = WithProperties("update from
%(event.refUpdate.refName:-unknown ref)s")
#        factory.addStep(Git(repourl=repourl, mode="full", method="clean",
progress=True, description=desc, descript\

    factory.addStep(Git(repourl=repourl, mode="update", progress=True,
description=desc, descriptionDone=desc))

    factory.addStep(SetProperty(command=["python", "-c", "import os, sys;
print os.getcwd(); sys.exit(0)"], property\

    INBuild(factory, branch, config, WithProperties("%(absBuildDir)s"),

    PatchConfigFiles(factory, branch, dbname, "build")

f_master_debug = factory.BuildFactory()
AddINDMABuildSteps(f_master_debug, 'master', 'Debug',
'INgroovesTrunkContinuous', 'INgroovesAuditTrunkContinuous', m\

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 2:58 PM, Buildbot <nobody at buildbot.net> wrote:

> #2411: waterfall exception when using newer version of git source step
> with gerrit
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> Reporter:  philippem        |       Owner:
>     Type:  support-request  |      Status:  new
> Priority:  major            |   Milestone:  undecided
>  Version:  0.8.7p1          |  Resolution:
> Keywords:                   |
> ----------------------------+------------------------
> Changes (by dustin):
>  * type:  undecided => support-request
> Comment:
>  Where are you using !WithProperties in your config?
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