[Buildbot-devel] Properties on force build do not override "default" ones of build slaves ? (0.8.5)

Johannes Stallkamp johannes.stallkamp at rub.de
Wed Apr 25 14:28:47 UTC 2012


in my buildbot configuration, I provide a few properties to my build
slaves as default values.

(this is the example form buildbot docs, since my script is on a
different machine)

c['slaves'] = [
    BuildSlave('bot-solaris', 'solarispasswd',
                properties={ 'os':'solaris' }),

Then I tried to run force a build via the web frontend and tried to
provide a different value to one of the properties that are listed in my
buildslave configuration.
However, it seems that the settings in the buildslave configuration take
precedence over the ones in the web form. It seems the latter ones are
simply ignored ( For debugging, I wrote all propery settings to a
logfile in my very first buildstep).
When I remove the properties in the buildslave configuration, they are
correctly set to the values provided in the web form.

In the example, settings "os" as a custom property to some other value
in the web frontend would not work. The property "os" would still
contain "solaris" when queried in the first build step.

Is this intended behaviour or is this a bug? Or am I simply doing
something wrong?


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