[Buildbot-devel] custom buildstem

Axel Hecht l10n.moz at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 31 11:26:15 UTC 2011

I'd like to chime in on this thread with my minority opinion.

I use a custom slave step, and it works like charm for the most part, having
to edit the buildslave's buildbot.tac being the worst culprit.

A good reason to do so, IMHO, is when you want to gather machine readable
data from a build task, which usually implies that it's hardly human
readable. I shovel that into a separate channel in the regular build log as
json, fwiw. The standard log displays don't show it, and I can easily
extract it for custom displays and reports.

I also think that requiring software on the slave is perfectly fine, there's
already a ton of compilers, sdks, ndks, whatnot that a build may need, why
not a piece of python code? I don't like the idea of using buildbot to do
software deployment, there are other tools for that.

Keep in mind though that that's probably just me that's doing things this


2011/3/28 <mp3 at hello.lv>

> Hi.
> How to add a custom buildstep containing python source code?
> I don't want to use an external python script + ShellCommand. I want all
> the sources to be within buildbot.
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