[Buildbot-devel] try command options code questions

Doug Latornell djl at douglatornell.ca
Wed Mar 30 05:14:09 UTC 2011

I'm finally getting some time in on trying to clean up the buildbot
try command line options and their .buildbot/options file

The Try class in master/buildbot/clients/tryclient.py module provides
a getopt method [1] with the signature:

getopt(self, config_name, default=None)

and most of the calls to getopt are like:


That would return the command line or option file value of try-topdir,
or None if it's not provided, correct?

But in a few places (e.g. [2]) there are getopt calls that look like:

self.getopt("username", "try_username")

That seems wrong to me. It would return the command line or option
file value of username or "try_username" as the default, wouldn't it?
Or am I missing something?


[1] https://github.com/douglatornell/buildbot/blob/master/master/buildbot/clients/tryclient.py#L406
[2] https://github.com/douglatornell/buildbot/blob/master/master/buildbot/clients/tryclient.py#L698

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