[Buildbot-devel] Send email on restored build (& otherwise reducing nag email volume)

Evan Driscoll driscoll at cs.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 8 03:53:45 UTC 2011

I know about the 'change' mode argument to the MailNotifier, but is
there a way to get it to send an email only on a restored build?

(Larger context, in case you can't guess: I want to send an email on
every failed build and an email on the restored build. An email on a
"new failure" just adds to what is sort of a flood of emails.)

Related question: when someone commits, it kicks off more than one
builder. If that change breaks more than one of them, the offending
users will get one email for each broken builder. (With 4 builders and 2
emails per failure (change+fail), one mistake can easily trigger 8
emails into the inbox. The goal is to be annoying enough to get people
to fix it, but not so annoying they filter the buildbot messages.)

Is there a way to say "only send one email for this changeset", or
something like that?


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