[Buildbot-devel] Questions: edit the standard pages and use osx server to serve Buildbot pages trough it

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Sun Jan 30 18:51:19 UTC 2011

On 2011-01-27 09:26, Fulvio Cervone wrote:
> Hi all
> I am finally able to run my Buildbot without too many problems, but now would like to customize a bit the pages, and I am not sure where the templates lives.
> I tried to look in the buildbot download folder (basically the decompressed archive downloaded from the BB site)  and i see templates, but when i modify them they do not change anything on my main page.
>> From the documentation I've read that the /templates overrides the folder inside the buildmaster location, so I tried to look for this /templates,and the only folder that came up in the search is the one with the templates in my BB folder, the ones that contains the installer, docs and sources that you download from the website, nothing else (or i am not looking in the right place).

The templates folder might not be automatically created when you run 
buildbot create-master (maybe we should fix that and add a 
templates_goes_here.txt file?) ... but it should be inside your buildbot 
master instance (i.e. where you have master.cfg etc etc)

Create it and copy the root.html from

The template system looks for each file there first, then it uses the 
default ones which are located among the installed python sources.

Changing templates directly in the installed location should also work, 
but changing the downloaded ones, after install, won't affect anything, 
as you note.

> All that i wanna do is to use a custom html page as landing/home, to replace the standard one (and probably a custom view for the reports and build views, but this is not top priority right now, compared to the custom main page); I've also tried to drop an html file in the folder where the web files should go (in my buildmaster directory), but seems that the file loaded is still the generic template, and not the one that i have dropped in the folder (the name of the html file was either index.html or root.html, neither loaded).

See above. Hope it helps.

> I am sure that it must be one of these gotcha that will make me slap my forehead, but as now i cannot find a single info about the location of the files on the manual; just the info that the custom files should be in the buildbot subfolder where the css file for the waterfall view and the robots.txt file are located, and that there is a /templates folder somewhere that override this folder. Any pointer is more than welcome.

It worked when we released 0.8.x, but it might've broken since. (test 
coverage is not top notch at the moment...)

Let us know if it helps, otherwise I'll take a look at it.


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