[Buildbot-devel] interacting with a batch queueing system (LSF)

Mark Richardson (Internal) mark.richardson at nag.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 15:20:02 UTC 2011

Hello fellow builders,
one of the steps of a nightly library build is to submit a job to
test the build result. As it is a parallel resource, the tests will
be driven by a bsub command.

Typically the command will return the shell control to a user and
then the user can interrogate later to see if, and how, their job
has completed. I have to see if this causes the slave to report
it is finished.

I wonder if there already is a method for a slave to poll a job
queue and  inform the master the testing has completed.

My initial thought was to have it as part of the Factory Steps
but then there may be other ways with trigger-able schedules.
I also discovered that one cannot have the same basedir for
different builders. This is not too restrictive as the test
should probably occur in a separate user space anyway.

Many thanks,


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