[Buildbot-devel] Questions: edit the standard pages and use osx server to serve Buildbot pages trough it

tom fogal tfogal at sci.utah.edu
Thu Jan 27 19:20:58 UTC 2011


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Fulvio Cervone <fcervone at me.com> writes:
> On Jan 27, 2011, at 9:36 AM, tom fogal wrote:
> > Fulvio Cervone <fcervone at me.com> writes:
> > One alternative approach is to use apache or whatever you'd like
> > (i.e. OS X's builtin stuff) to serve up the directories buildbot
> > creates, so users could view all the log files on the standard http
> > port.  You get ultimate customization that way.. but of course a
> > lot more work, too :)
> I am curious at this point to know how you all protect your
> buildbots....I as sume that you must have at least some sort of auth
> system to allow only few u sers to launch a build process or get info
> about what was committed and by wh o....I would love to have a mini
> auth server bundled with BB for these cases, but in the meantime
> gotta find a solution to protect it....any suggestion is more than
> welcome.

Users don't start builds.  Commits to the repository start builds.

Of course, you could always just setup no schedulers, enable the
"build" buttons in the web UI, and force your users to click the button
every time they want a build to happen.  That kind of defeats the
point, though.

It seems your main confusion is how a CI system works, in the above
regard; there really isn't any need for authorization, because
generally there are not any harmful bits exposed that someone could
fiddle with.

Instead of trying to figure out how the entire system works: just setup
a buildbot.  Don't try to get it to slice your bread in addition to
running your builds; just get something that notices you committed
something, and builds it.  Then go back and tinker to get things more
like you want in the final system.


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