[Buildbot-devel] Questions: edit the standard pages and use osx server to serve Buildbot pages trough it

tom fogal tfogal at sci.utah.edu
Thu Jan 27 17:36:37 UTC 2011

Fulvio Cervone <fcervone at me.com> writes:

> I am finally able to run my Buildbot without too many problems, but
> now would like to customize a bit the pages, and I am not sure where
> the templates liv es.

Can't answer this myself, hopefully someone else steps in.

> (basically my main machine wh ere the master buildbot runs is a snow
> leopard server edition, so when i star t the web service i get the
> OSX server page instead of the buildbot page, whi le i would like to
> configure it so when i type the url that is assigned to th e ip of my
> server, the buildbot page will show up, not the OSX server) then t he
> next step will be to put everything on 443

You don't want to start the OS X web service.  Buildbot has its own
builtin web server and does not use any of the platform's services in
this regard.

To do what you want, you just need to assign buildbot to run on port
80 (or 443, as you'd like).  However note that buildbot's traffic is
not encrypted just by throwing it on a different port; you can't do ssl
with buildbot.

... and on that note, I've told you how so the choice really is yours,
but you don't want to start buildbot on port 80 or 443 (insert jedi
mind trick here).  That would mean you *need* to start the server as
root, because it can't bind the ports otherwise.  And, with no personal
offense to any of the devs here, I would definitely not trust BBot to
run as root.

One alternative approach is to use apache or whatever you'd like
(i.e. OS X's builtin stuff) to serve up the directories buildbot
creates, so users could view all the log files on the standard http
port.  You get ultimate customization that way.. but of course a lot
more work, too :)


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