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Benoît Allard benoit at aeteurope.nl
Wed Aug 3 15:25:47 UTC 2011

On 7/30/2011 11:46 PM, Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:
> 2011/7/29 Benoît Allard<benoit at aeteurope.nl>:
>> Simon did it once. Taking one of his files as example, it should be possible
>> to process the doc once again ...
>> Or even better, if we apply Simon's diff on the 0.8.1, and then merge it
>> with the head, we will only have to process the difference in the doc since
>> then ! Thanks three-way-merge !
>> I'll take some time next week to see what I can do ...
> Let me know how that works!

Unfortunately, it doesn't. Although the difference are not that big for 
a human eye, git consider it as a "rewriting" making it impossible to 
propagate the diff from the 0.8.1 doc to the latest one, I gave up that 

I'm don't know if I'll be done before the end of the week, and I'm going 
for a two weeks holidays vacation on Friday, which left me this evening 
and tomorrow. I'll publish my branch on github anyway.

About the buildstep, I'd have loved to integrate it to the testsuite, 
but after adding my tenth Mock object I also gave up. I guess, I missed 
something ... maybe you should first put a template on how to add a 
testsuite for a ShellCommand step ... I'd use that one ...

Attached is my first draft of this sourcestep.

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