[Buildbot-devel] insufficient args for _substantiate in buildbot.py/detached

johnmcarr johnmcarr at me.com
Sat Apr 23 08:46:10 UTC 2011

Hi Ben,

Can you see if this patch works for you?


This will give any other calls to _substantiate the same build object that was used originally. The cached reference is removed
 whenever substantiation_deferred is unset.

If it works for you I'll send a pull request.


On 23 Apr, 2011,at 08:54 AM, Ben Clifford <benc at hawaga.org.uk> wrote:

> _substantiate is called in buildbot.py detached() (around line 20) with no
> parameter, but since around ddd63b51 that has needed a build parameter.
> This breaks the ssh latent build slave that I've been hacking on. As I do
> not use the build parameter, I stuck a dummy value in but that's presumbly
> not the right thing to do
> The situation which makes this happen for me: my build slave
> desubstantiates after each build, which means that the next build for that
> slave often uses the substantiation_deferred mechanism.
> (commit ids: In present head f48c37c0a51d11434a4ac66d75275b33b62b3eea,
> possibly introduced in ddd63b511ed59e2df9c2a8f41ecabd8b3c99b469.)
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