[Buildbot-devel] [Q] how do I recover the revision in WithProperties ?

Mark Richardson (Internal) mark.richardson at nag.co.uk
Tue Apr 19 10:01:21 UTC 2011

Hello fellow builders,
I seem to have broken my build master by doing too many changes at once 
(*blush*) and now I seem to get a string "None" instead of the revision
from the following factory steps:

> f1_intel.addStep( ShellCommand(command=["./tools/prepPort.sh", WithProperties("%(revision)s"), "Intel"] ) )
> f1_intel.addStep( ShellCommand(command=["tar","cjvf", WithProperties("../oplibs-src-1.00.%(revision)s.tbz"), "."]))

I did rename some of the builders to be compiler specific (e.g. for
  Intel and Fujitsu) whereas previously I was none specific.

I suppose it could be due to me re-using the same directory for the 
changed master.

NOTE the repository is Subversion and I have been using MySQL for the DB.

What is good working practice ? If one decides to rename the builders...
As I became more familiar with the process and the evolution of the 
build system required more detailed naming of the steps/factories and 
builders I often stop-started the build master without changing the 
directory. The slaves were happy to re-connect and do as they were told.
Of course now I have some fragmented pickles.

Would it have been better to start with a fresh directory for the 
changed builders?

Thanks for  listening,


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