[Buildbot-devel] GSOC 2011 proposal

Gaurav Saxena grvsaxena419 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 06:47:29 UTC 2011

*Gaurav Saxena*

 grvsaxena419 at gmail.com

time zone : *Asia/Kolkata*

 *I **am a computer engineering undergraduate pursuing Bachelor of
Technology from Malaviya National Institute of Technology , Jaipur. I have a
great enthusiasm towards open source and have been involved in some open
source projects.*

 *I will work on **Windows Process Management** **project . I will implement
the process management code directly in **so that the bugs regarding that
functionality are removed . This would result in reduced dependency on
upstream software. The better support implemented directly would result in
increasing the robustness of the project. *

 *The expected time-line would be **(rough idea)*

 *Understanding the project and planning the work April **22*

*Start working on the project April 25*

*Start writing test cases May 23*

*Complete writing test cases for bugs June 1*

*Start implementing June 2 *

*Complete main implementation Ju**ly** **1**5*

*Start testing the implementation July 16*

*Complete testing July 25*

*Documentation July 26 and after*

 *I will understand the older implementation and the earlier written code to
check if the new implementation works perfectly with the older code also.*

 *Python (Moderate)*

Twisted Python (Basic)

Databases (Expert)

HTTP-based Protocols (Basic)

Web Development (Expert)

JavaScript frameworks (Basic)

Git and Github (Moderate)

Development for Windows (Moderate)

Have you ever used Buildbot, or worked with a project that uses Buildbot? If
so, please describe your experience.

*No I have not used Buildbot . But I have heard about it and its features a
lot by my friends and would surely use it to see how good it is.*

Thanks and Regards ,
Gaurav Saxena
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