[Buildbot-devel] buildslave making up branch and failing on compile

Kyle Hubbard kyle.hubbard at luminultra.com
Thu May 6 11:30:48 UTC 2010

Hi all,


I have a buildbot configuration running 2 slaves on the same machine as the
master, with each slave building on separate projects (via the 'category'
property). Something happened the other day, where the string '[branch]'
appears in one of the slaves' update section, even though that project has
no branches. Additionally, after the update the slave is unable to find any
files in his build directory (even though they are verifiably there), and
thus immediately fails in the compile stage.


I think I may have borked the thing when adding my own code to
steps/shell.py, and running "python setup.py install" to move the change so
buildbot would use it. Is this a no-no? Is my only recourse to copy
state.sqlite and master.cfg, and re-install buildbot? The other buildslave
has been operating as normal, but the second one repeatedly fails on
compile, despite my attempts to fix it. 

Any suggestions / abuse are welcome.


Kyle Hubbard


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