[Buildbot-devel] Nightly scheds always idle (was: Re: Buildbot-0.8.0rc1 - check it out!)

tom fogal tfogal at alumni.unh.edu
Fri Apr 30 20:40:00 UTC 2010

"Dustin J. Mitchell" <dustin at zmanda.com> writes:
> If you intend to upgrade to 0.8.0 when it's released, please download
> this release candidate to try it out, and report back here with
> success or (heaven forfend!) failure.  When I've heard from a few
> folks, I'll make the official release.

I'm not convinced this is a 0.8.0 issue specifically, but I've yet to
get a Nightly scheduler to fire for one of our projects.

    name="sched-nightly", branch=None, hour=2, minute=0, onlyIfChanged=True,
    builderNames=["full-debian-lenny-amd64", "full-osuse-11.1-amd64",
                  "full-osx-10.5-x86", "full-rhel-5.4-x86"]
  # ...
  # example builder:
    'name': "full-debian-lenny-amd64",
    'slavenames': ["tjf-debian-lenny-amd64"],
    'builddir': "full-%s" % "lenny-amd64",
    'env': {'VISITARCH' : "bbot", 'BBDIR' : "lenny-amd64" },
    'factory': f_visit

The other builders exist too, and are defined similarly.  The
slavenames is shared with our "main-" builders, which are incremental
builders... so I wonder if that is the reason things don't fire?

The web interface correctly lists these "full-" builders.  The info
field lists "waiting next in ~ <time> at 02:00" as I would expect...
but they then do not seem to fire at 02:00.  A grep for `full-' in my
logs doesn't bring up anything suspicious.

As mentioned in my earlier mail, I just upgraded && thus maybe it will
fire tonight.


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