[Buildbot-devel] Few buildbot improvements

Tomas Čerkasas tomas.cerkasas at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 21:31:48 UTC 2010

On 11 April 2010 00:39, Marcus Lindblom <macke at yar.nu> wrote:
> jQuery rocks! So I'm perfectly ok with using that. (It could add a lot
> of neat features, such as more neatly settable refreshes, etc).

Great to hear!

One thing we should do here to reduce the load of buildbot is to add the
> option to use google's jquery-code instead of always serving the local
> one.

Great idea! Though i guess local loading should also remain as an option...

> I believe it can be written to reduce server-side load as much as
> possible, by using as little polling as possible.
> I'd love to see some Comet[1]-stuff (which is the common name for server
> -> client HTTP push tech) for these things, but that probably requires
> Orbited[2] or something. (Unless there's something neat for twisted, not
> sure..)

My BuildbotIcon does a lot of polling too, and our developer-intranet
> page has 5 buildmasters which are polled every 10-15 secs (to show on
> the public screen). This polling adds up time.
> Adding caching of HTML inside buildbot would've been cool, but I'm not
> too familiar with buildbot's internals and good cache invalidation
> strategies (which is Hard (tm) see quote[3]).

 Both http-push and caching would be interesting to play around with. Maybe
will look at that,
upon having some spare time...

Best regards,
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