[Buildbot-devel] buildbot sprint @ PyCon?

Tim Couper tim at tizmoi.net
Wed Oct 7 10:33:52 UTC 2009

Thinking a little ahead, would there be any interest in having a 
buildbot sprint at Pycon next Feb? Those of you who are experienced long 
term developers of buildbot, do you a) have a list of idea of "user 
stories" or equivalent specs that you'd agree would be the most 
important next set of features that buildbot should have, and b) are any 
of you planning to be in Atlanta - and be willing to stay on to help 
lead this activity if it went ahead? Apols if I'm treading on people's 
toes here - not intentional at all, I'd just would like to see, and be 
part of, making this great tool even more a tool of choice in software 
development organisations.



Dr Tim Couper


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