[Buildbot-devel] Pause build idea

Douglas Hubler douglas at hubler.us
Tue Jul 21 17:46:33 UTC 2009

Dustin and Mike, thanks for your responses.

re:Dustin - preserve tarball
In my case, it's not so much a build artifact I'm after, this is more the
environment is the artifact. The is a test loop and therefore Pass/Fail status.

re:Mike - using allowForce
I'll want this for all builds, forced and otherwise. However you bring up a
point, if a build fails and no one is there to hear it, is it really failed? So
I need to hook into a notifier.

I started looking at extending MailNotifier and make it pause the build based on
changed build status. Then i developed delusion of grandeur about building an
IRC bot.  Then the build can IM it's paused and folks can be notified in their
face and can continue/re-pause build thru bot command.

We use jabberd so looking at status/words.py and seeing if I can A.) make it
talk XMPP and B.) Add commands for repause and unpause.

If this fails, reinvestigate MailNotifier, i suspect pausing the build can be a
little tricky without pausing the entire app.  In the past when i've done
lengthy things in status/buildFinished() the whole app freezes including the web


Adding XMPP 

XMPP client for twisted

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