[Buildbot-devel] need help using "buildbot sendchange" & bzr

Jean-Michel Beuken jean-michel.beuken at uclouvain.be
Mon Feb 2 19:32:12 UTC 2009


I'm just beginning to learn buildbot and bzr

I would like to use in the VC , a command like :

buildbot sendchange --master='buildmasterHost:11111' --username=beuken 
--revision_number=285 --branch='5.8.0-public' SomeFile

where the username, revision_number and branch  were set by a cron 
script ( it checks nightly the active branch in the bzr repositories )

the "bzr checkout"  command should be  (concatenation of username and 
branch) :

bzr checkout --revision 285 

but how to create the variable bzrserver (with the username (who ?) and 
branch parameters )  in the master.cfg file for the definition of builder

bzrserver = 'bzr+ssh://archives.host.net/soft/5.8/beuken/5.8.0-public'
all_steps = [ source.Bzr(baseURL=bzrserver, mode='clobber'),
haltOnFailure = 1),
bzr_f = factory.BuildFactory(all_steps)

thanks in advance,



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