[Buildbot-devel] Build latest change only

Jens Bräuer mailists at gmx.net
Wed Dec 16 07:20:24 UTC 2009

Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:
>> My general suggestion is to not push broken code.
> This is good advice, even with git -- git bisect will, in general,
> fail with known-broken code.  That said, the alternative is to
> frequently rebase development branches, and this isn't always
> acceptable in a collaborative environment.

You are perfectly right. We/i am quiet new to git and what i do here
just breaks git bisect. Maybe i should think about it and squash commits
before pushing them.

> But Dustin's right - the treeStableTimer should be protecting you from
> building each and every intermediate revision.
Thats what i thought to, but after a push it builds every single commit
up the latest.

@Dustin S: Could you please post your post-receive hook ? I would like
to give it a try.


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