[Buildbot-devel] Build latest change only

Dustin Sallings dustin at spy.net
Wed Dec 16 07:27:39 UTC 2009

On Dec 15, 2009, at 23:20, Jens Bräuer wrote:

> You are perfectly right. We/i am quiet new to git and what i do here
> just breaks git bisect. Maybe i should think about it and squash commits
> before pushing them.

	Before I push code, I tend to do something like a `git rebase -i origin/master' and make sure every commit that's going up is what I want.  From there, you can reorder them, rename them, squash them, etc...

>> But Dustin's right - the treeStableTimer should be protecting you from
>> building each and every intermediate revision.
> Thats what i thought to, but after a push it builds every single commit
> up the latest.
> @Dustin S: Could you please post your post-receive hook ? I would like
> to give it a try.

	I run the following sinatra app:


	It uses git_buildbot.py to communicate via PB.

Dustin Sallings

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