[Buildbot-devel] duplicate steps problem

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Fri Apr 3 14:42:12 UTC 2009

On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 9:17 AM, Brian Fallik <bfallik at litl.com> wrote:
> What did you mean by "a very long waste of CPU cycles"?  Each build
> step is responsible for some work.  If each one is a necessary phase
> of the build, how is it a waste of CPU cycles?
> I did see that trunk contains an increase of this limit to 1000, but
> I'm interested in why there is an arbitrary limit in the first place?

The waste is in cycling through, potentially, a thousand already-used
step names.  I wonder if a better solution isn't to keep some kind of
step counter, and if a name is already in use, just append that
number.  So if the second ShellCommand appears at index 5 in the
factory, it would be named shell_5, rather than shell_2.

A patch to fix this behavior would be great..


Storage Software Engineer

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