[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot is switching to Git, dropping CVS mirror?

Martin Geisler mg at daimi.au.dk
Wed Sep 17 18:07:19 UTC 2008

"Dustin J. Mitchell" <dustin at zmanda.com> writes:

Hi Dustin

> To cut off the VC war before it starts: Brian, Zooko, and I are doing
> most of the commits right now, so I think that what's most important
> is what we're comfortable with.

I agree, you should use what works best for you! I have just been
hacking hg lately and was disappointed to see another project go with
Git instead of Mercurial -- Git looks messy and "un-pythonic" compared
to what I know from Mercurial.

But on the other hand then I'm very happy to see all the development on
buildbot which I think it a great system. So thank you for this system
and keep up the good work!

Martin Geisler

VIFF (Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework) brings easy and efficient
SMPC (Secure Multi-Party Computation) to Python. See: http://viff.dk/.
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