[Buildbot-devel] some builders killing other builders?

Neil Hemingway neil.hemingway at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 1 17:20:02 UTC 2008

> I have several builders that use locks so they don't step on each other,
> due to some parts of the process that are very single minded (can only
> run one at a time). However some of those builds are automated/live/QA
> builds, and to speed things up I would like to be able to automatically
> kill some of those builds when some more important one is waiting on the
> lock .. is that possible at all in the current architecture?

Not as far as I'm aware.  The current architecture doesn't prioritize

I do have a patch which can be used to prioritize builds, but I dopn't know
of anything that can automatically kill builds if another one is waiting

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