[Buildbot-devel] splitting master.cfg

Vikki Finnan vjf04 at hampshire.edu
Thu Nov 13 03:58:33 UTC 2008

I am working with a rather complicated build setup and my master.cfg
is rather long. If I add a module and run an import command (import
buildsteps), the setup will work fine for the first time.

If I make changes to the buildsteps.py file and run buildbot reconfig,
everything will work fine, but the changes that I made were not

I can get this to work if I to something like:

import buildsteps
from buildsteps import *

but this causes all the builders to say 'config updated' and still
seems to sometimes have the problem of changes not being reflected.

What is happening? Is there a better way to split the master.cfg into
separate files?


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