[Buildbot-devel] Starting slaves on demand?

Bruce Stephens bruce.stephens at isode.com
Wed Nov 12 23:56:56 UTC 2008

martin quinson <martin.quinson at loria.fr> writes:

> I'd like to setup some slaves that can be started on need from the
> master. The context is that I want to use the http://pipol.inrialpes.fr/
> machines to run tests, but they have to be first reserved for a while
> when you want to use them and then rebooted on the operating system you
> want to use. 

Another (perhaps more common) situation is where you have a bunch of
virtual machines which you can start (but don't want to be running
permanently).  (I guess for the VM situation you'd want to have some
configurable idle-times so VMs aren't bouncing just because there's
nothing for them to do for 30 seconds.)


> Did someone have an easier solution for such a situation?

I've got no idea how to implement it, but I agree it would be a very
nice feature to have.

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