[Buildbot-devel] State of mercurial support

Doug Philips dgou at mac.com
Mon Nov 3 21:13:21 UTC 2008

On or about Monday, November 03, 2008, at 11:45AM, "Marcus Lindblom" indited:
>bugs at almad.net wrote:
>> Problem is that with all current modes, for our repo (~300-400MB), using buildbot is *very* slow and it's response is far from being responsive enough.
>We're starting to use mercurial here, and I'm a bit worried about this. 
>Any news on this?

What about a custom build step that downloads a .zip (or .tgz) of the desired version (the URL is composable, so that should be OK) and uncompresses it?

Assuming that the problem is network transfer and not server load where the mercurial server is running...


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